The 716/PK air chuck is recommended for unwinding and rewinding with cores.

The body of the chuck is normally made on steel and the expandors (lugs) come in either hardened steel, aluminium or rubber covered depending upon core material and torque requirements.

It is available with side flange for mobile arms unwindstand mounting, or with a passing bore for passing bars mounting.

It can be stepped for use with different core sizes.

Expansion is accomplished by one rubber tyre that exerts pressure to engage the expandors when air is applied.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed on the download-sheet, but are available in other sizes for a custom order.

Contact your SVECOM representative for details.



-Core diameter from 70 to 300 mm
-Chuck length 210 mm
-Expansion range 8/10 mm
-Air pressure min. 5 bar (suggested 6 bar)
*Contact your SVECOM representative for Non-Standard requirements.