We produce unwinders to unwind reels of different diameters and widths

The unwinder for reels has been designed to unwind reels of different diameters and widths, according to the required specifications.

The unwinder for reels is composed of a fixed part equipped with feet for floor fixing and one / two mobile upright (s) on which the two / four moving arms are installed which support the reel at both ends.

Opening and closing arms by means of hydraulic motors and rack with sliding on ball runners.

The arms are independent, it is in fact possible to move them without worrying about the immediate centering of the reel. The centering itself will take place regardless of the initial position of the reel.

Arms lifting by means of hydraulic pistons controlled by a hydraulic unit positioned on the ground.

Complete with expandable pneumechanical chuck with leaves, adjustable return roller for better material wrapping.

Pneumatic or mechanical brakes self-ventilated on both sides. Braking control is regulated by a signal from the slitting machines.

Electrical components, electrical limit switches located on the machine, electrical panel on the machine. Manual controls on remote push-button panel.

The technical data refer to the standard unwinder. Svecom-PE, as usual for all products, is also able to provide customized versions.

For the standard unwinder the expected delivery time is of 4 weeks, for the non-standard one it would be of 8/12 weeks.



  • Double base with movement on wheels that allow lateral translation of ± 100 mm continuously
  • Addittion of complementary rollers
  • Electrical panel with push button

Discover the product: https://www.svecom.com/en/senza-categoria-en/single-double-reels-unwinder

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