Manufacturing meeting Svecom – Goldenrod

Remote contact overseas

The uncertain situation of the world markets required the preparation of remote contacts and Svecom-P.E. answered as always in a prompt and professional manner.

A modernized meeting room

In fact, Svecom, without wasting time, has modernized the main meeting room with all the devices necessary for video conferences, not only with customers but also among internal staff who cannot be present on site for business reasons.

The example is shown in the photo, where you can see the periodic production meeting taking place, a very important moment that must take place despite the fact that all interested parties cannot be present at the venue.

Videoconferencing to never stop

In this specific meeting, among other things, the representatives of the North American branch “Goldenrod Corp.” were also present, as the topics covered also concerned the supply of expanding shafts, chucks and safety chucks dedicated to the overseas market.

The word cutting-edge technology has always been synonymous with Svecom-P.E. and this difficult moment has been used profitably to further progress in the company organization; ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

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