Core Chucks

Used for winding and unwinding reels on shaftless systems, the core chucks can have a pneumatic, mechanical or pneumo-mechanical expansion mechanism. Find out more

Expanding shafts

Our production of Expandable Shafts employs a decades-long experience in the processing and design of innovative and customized products, to meet the highest demands in terms of quality and reliability.

Handling systems

A wide range of solutions for the tissue and paper industry: from shaft extractors to manual or electric trolleys, to lifting platforms. Find out more


The rollers are used in all those commodity sectors where there is the need to wind or unwind a rolled material: from the converting industry to the paper and paper converting industry, from plastics to aluminium, from printing to packaging, up to the world of packaging and tissue.

Safety chucks

Rotating safety chucks for reel unwinding and/or winding. Our safety chucks are equipped with mechanical and electromechanical safety sensors which, together with an integrated automatic closing system, guarantee greater safety even at high shaft rotation speeds. Find out more


We produce Mixer machines for ensuring the final quality of the solventless laminate and reels unwinder to unwind reels of different diameters and widths.