714 MZL – Pneumechanical chuck with leaves


Svecom P.E. can now offer a revolutionary product used on the tissue machine unwinder, with an IMMEDIATE payback, tested in lot of Paper Mills around the world, and guarantees a positive answer on the following main topics:

This chucks, increase the life of the cardboard and plastic core, without damaging during the unwinding of the reels.
The average life of the cardboard cores, usually varies from plant to plant, from 1 cycle to 10 cycles, and by the plastic cores from 50 to 100 cycles.
Thanks to our chucks, we are able to increase the average life of the cardboard cores to 20-50 cycles and the plastic sleeve can reach the 100/200 cycles.
Then, the use our chucks will let you dramatically decrease the cost related to the purchase of the cores and their handling of spoiled core.

This chuck allows the unwinding of reels at high speeds, the unwinding of all reels also with damaged and ovalized cores, in short, the complete tissue unwinding.

The 714MZL avoids all injuries during the several inserting and the extraction operation.
Thanks to our chucks you delete the using of tools as hammer, scissor or knife usually used to help the paper core insertion of the standard chucks.
The chuck block automatically and mechanically the core, to permit the handling with the total safeties.
During these operations, it is found that they occur on average 3 accidents in a year.

Our chucks, can drastically reduce the time of insertion and pulling out, considering that you can do this operation in few seconds.
Thanks to the large clamping range up to 20 mm, and the self-expanding system of the 714MZL, our chucks can be insert and pull out in few seconds also if the reels are ovalized.



The Pneumomechanical chuck with lugs 714MZL, got mechanically expansion achieved by large internal
close-wound springs, that load a plunge and operates a leverism system expanding plastic rawlplugs.
You can choose from the chucks with female cone or chucks with rotating support for diameters from 200 mm to 600 mm.
This chucks must be used together with our electrical trolley.

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