Pneumechanical chucks with leaves mod. 714 MZL


The pneumechanical chuck with leaves mod. 714 MZL, expansible up to 20mm/Ø, is an innovative system is used for the reel unwinding (Paper or Tissue) with tangential belts.

This expanding chuck allows to:

  • increase safety for the operator;
  • improve the efficiency of unwinding and reel changeover operations;
  • extend core’s life minimizing the possibility of damage;
  • unwind damaged or distorted cores.

The locking system is mechanically activated by a set of springs which axially load a piston that in turn activates the levers to expand the plastic expanders. To close the chuck, air must be fed in the valve (at a pressure of 4 to 6 bars) to retract the plastic expanders. The cores are aligned by means of a double mechanical expansion leverage system.

The Pneumomechanical chuck with lugs 714MZL, got mechanically expansion achieved by large internal close-wound springs, that load a plunge and operates a leverism system expanding plastic rawlplugs.
You can choose from the chucks with female cone or chucks with rotating support for diameters from 200 mm to 600 mm.
This chucks must be used together with our electrical trolley.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.

Require an estimate


Diameter: ≥ 8” ≤ 20”

Reel’s weight:  ≥ 1.000 kg ≤ 5.000 kg

Materials: aluminium and steel


Contact SVECOM for Non-Standard requirements.

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