Pneumatic reel saver chuck mod. 720 PH


Packaging material that once had to be taken out of the production stream due to distorted cores can now be restored to service within minutes by one person and the Svecom-PE reel saver.

Pneumatically operated, the reel saver’s tapered jaws are simply inserted into the damaged core. It doesn’t matter how distorted or crushed, thanks to the strength of the jaws, the reel saver brings the core back to its original shape and size.

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  • Jaws available for 3,4,5, or 6 inches ID cores
  • Sleeve inserts available for different core sizes
  • Can be supplied with interchangeable jaws for different sizes
  • Up to 16.000lbs/7272kG of thrust with 86psi/9bar air supply


  • Avoids delays in production and storage inconveniences
  • No more downtime and material waste


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