Expanding shafts

Made of aluminum, steel or carbon, they can wrap and unwind
coils of any material and weight


Creating customized solutions for over 60 years

The acquired experience

Our production of expanding shafts uses a decades-long experience in the manufacturing and planning of innovative and customized products, in order to satisfy the highest necessities in terms of quality and reliability.

Moreover, we created a unit for the realization of carbon fiber expanding shafts: a technology that significantly increases performances, reducing the weitght and increasing speed. Download the technical catalogue.


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Expanding shafts production

Starting from the initial drawing, going through 3D prototyping and to the final relization, the path that brings to the birth of every one of our products is monitored with attention by our specialized staff in order to guarantee the best customized solutions.

We know that technological developpmenet is very fast and that it brings along with him the birth of new necessities. For this reason, the research and development department and the founders experience have allowed that to this day, more than 50% of our production is the result of ideas coming from this department.

Thanks to the work of Svecom – P.E. expert technicians and engineers, during our history, something that has always distinguished us was the ability of creating customized solutions, in order to satisfy our clients’ needs: we have realized more than 40.000 projects and filed more than 30 patents.

Operating fields

Our expanding shafts, expanding chucks, rotating safety chucks, rollers and handling systems have been well known products for years now, in the fields of converting, tissue, packaging, paper, printing, aluminium, plastics, etc. We operate in all these fields on an international level, worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Types and materials

Our expanding shafts can be realized with different types of materials, according to the technical specifications requested in order to wind and unwind reels of every material and weight: steel, aluminum, carbon.

Expanding shafts for reels are so adaptable that they can be used for every kind of core, reels and multiple reels. Thanks to our shafts, the winding and unwinding are perfectly carried out, even at high peripheral speeds, in order to guarantee a significant increase of productivity.

The technology used

Our expanding shafts are basically made of a main central body and two journal ends, always realized according to the client’s drawing: the first ones are available in different types of light alloys and steels; the second ones are realized in a variety of different steels.

Pneumatic expanding shafts: this type of shaft uses an expansion that is activated by a system of pipes located in their appropriate slot, below every expanding element. Our pneumatic shafts use the Svecom – P.E. system of multiple pipes groups with steel centering ledges and rubber clamping ledges.

Mechanical expanding shafts: in these shafts the expansion is achieved through the mechanical movement of the inclined planes which, by moving, cause the expansion of the leaves; this mechanism guarantees the perfect core centering and allows the use with very high torques.

Pneumechanical expanding shafts: these shafts are the result of the combination between the two technologies mentioned before: the pneumatic one and the mechanic one. By introducing air in the shaft, one or more pneumatic pistons act on the inclined planes and cause the exit of the expanding elementes, self-centering the core. It is possible to provide the shaft with an expanding spring system which guarantees the clamping of the core even in case of loss of pressure in the installation.

Differential expanding shaft: Svecom shafts can be provided with selfexpanding rings or friction elements. These differential shafts allow to wind and unwind independent reels at the same time. They can guarantee the winding and unwinding of materials with cores of different width and very low tension.

In general, every type of expanding shaft is specifically realized according to the client’s requests.

Assistance and maintenance

The after-sale service is always active in order to provide the client with spare parts and fast solutions, so that the functioning of the machines in every condition is guaranteed.

Internal services of the specialized staff “Svecom repairing and inspection” and of the Customer Service are rapidly activated in order to follow a specific procedure to optimize the handling time of the problems that were reported with reference to your expanding shaft.

Svecom expanding shafts allow peak performances, a longer life cycle and the reduction of the cost of the products. This was also possible thanks to the dense network of selected partners with whom, over time, an organized and controlled modus operandi was consolidated.

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