Svecom – P.E. delivery in 3 weeks for standard materials!

According to Svecom every project is a promise made to the customer: every delivery must be quick and punctual, always.

For This Reason SVECOM has constantly invested on a service improvement and so today the customer is able to receive aluminium profile shafts and standard safety chucks in only 3 weeks and non-standard equipment in about 4/5 weeks.

Punctual delivery is anyway not enough, and so SVECOM P.e. offers a lot more, granting the best assistance as well as a constant high quality service.

Thanks to over 60 years of experience in the sector and related technical problems, Svecom – P.E. it ensures satisfactory relationships for business partners, based on mutual growth and development.

The Svecom’s spare parts are managed by means of automated storage and retrieval system and a specialized team, to offer fast and punctual deliveries, thanks to a capable logistic system.

Through maintenance inspections at our headquarters or at our authorized dealers, we are able to keep the status of our products under control and guarantee their production quality.

Svecom technical assistance is a professional structure able to provide high-level after-sales services, in order to guarantee a global coverage of the service.

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