We have published an article that illustrates the advantages and technical characteristics of our chucks with leaves model MZ – L both on C2 Europe and C2 Germany and will soon be published on Converter and Carta e Cartiere.

C2 Europa has also decided to use the photo of our chucks as cover for the April issue!

We are also present in the British magazine British Paper Machinery News.

Our article on the magazine British Paper Machinery News.

Below we report our article:

Svecom of Italy has designed and patented an innovative expandable chuck for unwinding reels of paper and tissue on cardboard cores with internal diameters from 200 to 600 mm. The chuck can be built with a female cone journal or a journal that is fitted with bearing housings. The chuck operates by a series of internal springs, preloaded, combined with levers that act on expanding sectors that generate a constant radial force that allows the chucks to adapt to any sagging or deformation of the core. Ensuring a positive grip and high torque transmission the complete length of insertion. This eliminates ant reel bounce and produces less core damage and machine downtime.  Up until now, this has not been possible with any mechanical or pneumatic chucks on the market!


Life of core and savings:

The chuck extends the life of the cores by not damaging them during the unwinding phase of the reels.


The chuck eliminates accidents during insertion and extraction operations of the cores.

Increase of production:

The design of the chucks expanding section drastically reduces insertion and extraction times to a few seconds.