Handling systems

Ideal for handling shafts, chucks, reels, and cores.

Industrial Handling Systems

Trolleys, extractors and manipulators for industrial handling of reels, shafts and chucks.

Svecom – P.E. industrial handling systems allow you to simplify the handling processes of expanding shafts, chucks, reels, and cores for reels.

All our systems are designed in order to facilitate shafts moving, insertion and extraction, reels lifting, and other devices designed for winding and unwinding needs.

We entirely design and realize the handling systems thanks to the contribution of groups of prepared technicians and expert engineers, who take into account all the human and mechanic components in order to safely carry out the necessary operations.

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Types and features of the industrial handling systems

Our industrial handling systems are made with quality metals and materials, and with the use of the best performing technologies in the field of mechanics.

Shaft extractors, manual or electric trolleys, lifting platforms and all the other industrial manipulators, constitute a great help for simplyfying all the operations that include the movement, lifting and extraction of our products.

Svecom industrial handling systems work in an electro-hydraulic way, therefore exploiting the power of pressurized oil, but they can also be pneumatic, electric, or manual.

Every machine carries out a specific function and each model has to be chosen according to the type of work for which it has to be used.

  1. Industrial handling trolleys

Industrial handling trolleys can be manual or electro-hydraulic and each system acquires different characteristics according to the activity that has to be carried out. Lifting trolleys are equipped with a platform or slot on which the reel that has to be handled is charged, or they present appropriate clamping devices on which shafts and chucks can be fastened. The industrial handling trolleys layout is designed for ascent and descent activities therefore they are mainly used for material withdrawing and deposit activities.

  1. Industrial pneumatic manipulator

Industrial pneumatic manipulators are equipped with a mobile expanding arm capable of moving in every direction. The shaft manipulator realizes clamping movements and horizontal and vertical translation but can also rotate around its column.

The machine, designed for shaft handling, is used to extract and insert expanding shafts inside the cores of the reels. In order to facilitate this task and not weigh on the operator, the system independently realizes extraction and insertion movements along the horizontal axis, with vertical translation and manual or battery rotation around the column.

The machine operator will carry out machine supervision and assistance activities, operating during some fundamental steps, for example:

  • Air gun inflation and deflation of rubber or steel ledges, that is the expanding elements that go in and out ot the shaft in order to make it run;
  • positioning of the clamping device around the expanding shaft;
  • Positioning of the chucks on the safety chucks for the fastening of the shaft on the machine.
  1. Single or double column extractors

The single or double column electro-hydraulic extractors are also designed for the insertion and extraction of shafts from wound reels, but the machine presents different characteristics from those of the manipulator. The installation consists of two horizontal guides on which a trolley slides, blocking the shaft in order to lift it. The lifting movement is controlled by the columns positioned on the horizontal base (some systems have one central column, others can have two columns positioned on the extremities of the guides), and on each of them an addiotional trolley slides, allowing the upwards or downwards movement of our products.

The engine power is supplied by an electric engine and each function of the machine is handled through a control panel.

  1. Tilting table for reels

Among our industrial handling systems, the tilting table allows the reel 90 ° rotation, making it roll on the V saddle, designed specifically to avoid impacts, crashing and reel sliding during the operation.

  1. Complete extraction systems

We also produce complete extraction systems that include:

  • Expanding shaft extractor and reel insertion system
  1. Core storage (cage designed for the deposit of the cores that will be inserted inside the reels);
  2. Lifting platform

These last systems are designed to entirely handle the handling process of our products.

Handling system customization

All our machinery is customizable according to the client’s requests and needs, according to the weight and dimensions of the elements that have to be handled and of the application field.
Handling systems can be used in many industrial fields, such as:

  • – tissue
  • – converting
  • – paper
  • – nowovens
  • – packaging
  • – plastic film
  • – food industry
  • – aluminum

Every detail can be customized, and it is possible to choose to add a series of optionals according to the type of installation that is going to be realized.

Handling systems warranty and maintenance

All of our handling systems have a 1-year warranty starting from the machine delivery moment and have CE marking (European Certification). In particular, they are PED certified (Pressure Equipment Directive), a particular qualification concerning the welding processes of industrial equipment.

Moreover, in order to ensure equipment efficiency, thanks to out wide sales network and to the worldwide presence of specialised agents, we are able to put at our client’s disposal check ups and inspections of the machines or of it parts.

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