Safety chucks

Rotating safety chucks for reel unwinding and/or winding. Our safety chucks are equipped with mechanical and electromechanical safety sensors which, together with an integrated automatic closing system, guarantee greater safety even at high shaft rotation speeds. Find out more

Handling systems

Ideal for handling shafts, chucks, reels, and cores. We provide our customers with a wide range of solutions, from shaft extractors to manual or electric trolleys, to lifting platforms. Find out more

Expanding shafts & rolls

Made of aluminium, steel, or carbon, they can wind and unwind reels of any material and weight. We produce a wide range of shafts, expandable or not, for all your needs. Find out more


Used for winding and unwinding reels on shaftless systems, the chucks can have a pneumatic, mechanical or pneumo-mechanical expansion mechanism. Find out more