Reel saver pneumatic chuck

The quick and inexpensive way to restore crushed cores

Packaging material that once had to be taken out of the production stream due to distorted cores can now be restored to service within minutes by one person and the Svecom-PE Reel Saver.
Safety is very important and this product must be used by trained technicians.

• Avoid production delays and stock inconvenience
• Eliminate downtime and material losses

Pneumatically operated, the Reel Saver’s tapered jaws are simply inserted into the damaged core, no matter how crushed or distorted and the irresistible power of the jaws returns the core to its originai shape and size allowing the reel to be used on either shafted or shaftless reel stands.

• Jaws available for 3, 4, 5 or 6 inch ID cores
• Sleeve inserts available for cores of other sizes
• Can be supplied with interchangeable jaws of different sizes
• Up to 16,000 lbs (7272 kg) of thrust from 86 psi (9 bar) air supply