Svecom valves with conic thread

Solutions by Svecom

Expanding shafts’s classic valves

Svecom-P.E. expanding shafts have always used valves equipped with o-rings for inflation and deflation of the air chamber. These valves have a long life, even if the stresses are several during the production cycle. Over time, excessive tightening of the valve could lead to damage the o-ring and therefore to a slight leakage of air, with the consequent lack of optimal performance of the expanding shaft.

New valves made by Svecom

To overcome this drawback, Svecom-P.E. has designed specific valves with conical thread.

By using this type of valve without o-ring, the risk of gasket rupture is avoided and therefore air leaks are prevented.

Valves with conic thread are available on request.

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