Carbon fiber rollers

A highly technological business unit

Expandable carbon fiber shafts

Svecom-P.E., in the Montecchio Maggiore (VI) headquarters, has created, for some years now, a business unit, Svecom Carbon fiber, which combines the experience gained in more than 50 years of production of expandable shafts, with the advantages of using the carbon fiber: this results in a unique solution in the field, which maximizes mechanical performances  and lightness.

The productive procedure of carbon fiber shafts and rollers

The procedure involves a dedicated production plant, in which shafts and rollers of different dimensions can be processed according to the client’s requests.

Svecom-P.E. can realize rollers with both of the technologies that are currently available on the marker, namely:

  • Filament Winding
  • Roll-Wrapping

Over the years, investments in research and developpment concernig these production techniques have been remarkable in terms of temperature stability, weight, high critical speed, rigidity, minor vibrations, mass reduction and, last but not least, corrosion resistance.

Rollers for all needs

The range of available solutions is wide, since it is possible to customize every roller with specific superficial treatments.

Reference dimensions are:

  • Max diametre: 400 mm
  • Max lenght: 6.000 mm

It is understood that Svecom is at complete disposal for the developpment of new soluctions in collaboration with the client, since realizing customized products has always been the distinctive feature of the supply.

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