Non expanding chuck

Lightweight composite profile

Mod. 700 NEC

The non expanding lighweight and composite chuck is designed for Tissue, Converting and Nonwoven applications.

It is designed with aluminum profile, steel and carbon fiber.

Its extremely ergonomic and lightweight design allows a better manual handling according to current law, avoiding having to use lifting systems for the chuck’s insertion in the reel and the extraction from the reel.

Every Svecom core expanding chuck has been designed and manufactured according to the directive 42/06/CE.


Diameter: ≥ 76,2 mm (3”) ≤ 508 mm (20”)

Weight: ≥ 10 kg (22 lb) ≤ 25 kg (55 lb)

Reel weight: ≥ 1.000 kg (2204 lb) ≤ 5.000 kg (11023 lb)


  • Lightness
  • Replaceable cone
  • Low maintenance
  • Robustness
  • Does not require air
  • Quality components
  • Easy to handle

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