Reels lifter expanding chuck

Svecom presents 4 applications for handling reels in total safety. They can be used for one, two or more diameters from 50 to 300 mm and with capacities up to 10.000 N according to the drawing.

Antropomorphic robot

The expandable chucks (with leaves or lugs) allow to lift heavy weights and are designed to be easily attached to robotic arms to handle reels of any diameter. The expansion allows a perfect grip on the reel, allowing to handle it in total safety for the operator and for other.

The attachment, made according to the customer’s design, can be a flange or shaft extension.

With the use of steel cores it is possible to provide tiles with rubber coating.

The reel lifter expanding chuck, available in mechanical and pneumechanical versions, is suitable for lifting and vertical transport of reels.

The locking takes place inside the core allowing to lift heavy weights and ensures safe locking of the reel during lifting and transport. The body of the chuck and the expandable elements (leaves or lugs) are in steel. The attachment to the crane takes place via an eyebolt.


Slitter rewinder

The pneumatic chuck with leaves or lugs to lift reels is used for special applications, in which the reels are removed from the machine (slitter) and inserted on the chuck.

The chuck is then moved by means of a robot connected to the machine. The reels are mechanically locked on the chuck, ensuring a perfect and safe seal. The release takes place by means of the introduction of air.

The electronic trolley for handling reels has been designed for lifting and handling reels of wound material.

Consisting of a frame mounted on wheels, an electric pump, a piston that moves an arm mounted on two vertical guides vertically, and a piston for the rotation movement of the reel holder head. The vehicle is electrically powered by four large capacity batteries.

The attachment on which the head is engaged is always made according to the customer’s design and can be a flange, with an eyebolt or with a protruding shaft.

The wide range of Svecom trolleys, made entirely on site, includes manual or electrical versions.

Reels turner mod. 410 BMS

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