Pneumechanical chucks with leverage

Expandable chuck with leverage: model svecom 714 mzl specifications

An innovative chuck

Svecom P.E. has designed and has patented a conceptually innovative  expandable chuck in order to unwind paper and tissue reels using cardboard cores with internal diametres that go from 200 to 600 mm. It can be built with female conic coupling or with a rotating journal. A setof internal preloaded springs, combined with leverages that operate on the expandable sectors generate a constant radial force that allows it do atapt to the potential yieldings or bucklings of the core, canceling the clearance that is created (this is not possible with the traditional mechanical pneumatic expandable chucks used until nowadays).

Optimal self-centering guarantee

Thanks to its 20mm of expansion on the diametre, it can be easily inserted in the core. Since the expansion of the elements is generated by the preloaded push springs, the functioning turns out to be intrinsically sure, since it is not possible for the reel to accidentally unhook.

In order to guarantee a continuous and optimal functioning during time, cleaning and ordinary maintenance operations have been conveniently simplified.

Technological advantages

Longer core life

The chuck extends the life of the cores, without damaging them during the unwinding of the reels. The average life of cardboard cores usually goes from 1 to 10 cycles, and the one of plastic cores goes from 50 to 100 cycles. Thanks to this chuck the average life of cardboard cores exceeds the 20/50 cycles and the one of plastic cores exceeds the 100/200 cycles. Therefore, using the chuck allows you to drastically reduce the purchase price of the cores.


The chuck eliminates the accidents during the operations of insertion and extraction of the cores Thanks to it, several utensils are not necessary (e.g: hammer, scissors, cutter, etc.), necessary to allow the insertion of the headers.

Increase in production

This technology drastically reduces the time of insertion and extraction procedures to a few seconds. Thanks to the remarkable expansio, up to 20mm, and to the selfexpanding system with leverages, it can easily be inserted and extracted from the cores in a few seconds, even those with ovalization problems.

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