Repair and overhaul

We always repair and overhaul our products

Our activities of repair and overhaul are very important in order to
extend the life of your own products at its best since, even if
high-performing, they need checks in order to maintain
completely operative all of its functionalities and therefore to guarantee
maximum efficiency.

Every Svecom product can be repaired

First of all, it is important to highlight that every Svecom-P.E. product can be repaired.

The procedure includes the involvment of qualified personnel from the internal service “Svecom repair and overhaul” and from the Customer Service.

This last receives the request from the client and identifies in the database the product concerned, in order to handle it in a timely and adequate manner.

Once delivered to Svecom, the product is checked according to the specification, and it also undergoes a general checkup, in order to avoid the presence of neglected and potentially damaging elements. Once a cost/benefit analysis of the repair is made, in the best interests of the client, a quote is made and once it is approved, the intervention is carried on.

All the repair and overhaul intervention on the Svecom products

Among the intervention that can be performed, we point out:

  • Overhaul of pneumatic parts
  • Dimensional check of mechanical components
  • Checks using magnetic particle inspections and dye penetrant inspection
  • Substitution of parts to drawing
  • Check and potential substitution of rotating parts (bearings/safety chuk)
  • Balancing check

The importance of documentation

The constructive simplicity of most part of Svecom-P.E. products is such that, the client can intervene independently thanks to the use of the supplied users manual and the spare parts ready for delivery, to the repair and overhaul, with it being understood that the telephone support service is always available.

For some clients who have a wide product portfolio, it is also possible to plan a cycle of recurring checks, aimed at keeping the installations in perfect and constant efficiency.

The advantages of cooperation

Svecom guarantees maintenance and reliability through its activities of collaboration, in order to ensure:

  • Peak performances
  • Life cycle extention
  • Cost reduction

We offer a high level of knowledge in order to ensure the efficiency of the equipments using the most innovative technologies and instruments.

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